GamingBattleGround Beta Registration

GamingBattleGround Beta RegistrationI think that we can all agree on something: eSports have created a huge global industry that is worth an obscene amount of money.  Not that it matters in any practical or financial sense to most of us because, just like in regular sports, only those that truly work hard at becoming the best ever earn a chance to compete.  But, perhaps that is going to change thanks to a new in-development eSports platform called the GamingBattleGround.  If that tickles your interest then you will also be interested to learn that GBG is currently entering beta soon and that the GamingBattleGround beta registration is currently live and accepting names.

We were contacted by Ivana, one of the developers of GBG, earlier today in hopes that we would help spread the word.  Of course, that is what we are here for!  Ivana was also kind enough to give us a bit extra information regarding the platform:

“[GBG is an] eSports platform where anyone can earn money from organizing eSports tournaments or competing in them.  The platform will help organizers to earn money and easily organize tournaments (the platform is completely automated). The tournament participants will be able to earn money from playing games without having to fear the professionals as they play against same level players.  The games that we support are League of Legends, Smite, Hearthstone, COD, CSGO, DOTA2, Starcraft II and Heroes of The Storm.”

That sounds like it could be very useful for those of you that want to start working towards more of an eSports presence, or at the very least want to help run tournaments.  If you are interested in helping test out the GBG platform then head over to the GamingBattleGround beta registration page and sign up!  The beta will begin as a closed beta but will transition into an open beta shortly after that.  Check it out!


GamingBattleGround Beta Registration


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