Duskers Early Access

Duskers Early AccessIt would appear that a number of new early access titles hit Steam this morning, and one in particular stands out to me as being rather unique.  That would be the Duskers early access alpha, and as I read more about it and watch more gameplay videos, I have to say that I myself am finding its strange brand of rogue-like strategy rather attractive and compelling.

First off, I think I should point out that Duskers from Misfits Attic is not aimed at the hyper-action-fast-twitch-shoot-everything-that-moves type of gamer.  It appears to be more slow and methodical, requiring thought and planning rather than reflexes to succeed.  That isn’t to say that you won’t experience tension and situations that require fast action to overcome, and I have watched more than one gameplay video in which the commentator panicked a little bit.  But, for the most part, Duskers is on the slower side of things, and perhaps that is a refreshing break.

Duskers is all about exploring randomly generated derelicts and other structures floating in space using randomly generated drones that you control remotely.  What is really interesting about the game, and indeed that aspect of the game that might turn some away, is that many of the drone functions must be issued via a command line console within the game.  This allows you to automate some functions and control more than one drone at once.  Each drone has different skills that can be transferred and upgraded as needed (assuming you find the upgrades), and being a rogue-like this means that sometimes you won’t have the right skills for the job.

All of this is presented using a rather wonderful looking lo-fi artistic style.  If you have played Alien Isolation and enjoyed the lo-fi tech feel within that game then Duskers should also appeal to you in that sense.  I highly recommend watching some gameplay videos to get an idea of what Duskers is all about because my description isn’t really doing it justice.

It might not be for everyone, but the Duskers early access is certainly aiming to give gamers a completely different experience to what we are used to these days, and for that reason alone it is worth a look.  Of course, the standard early access warnings of bugs and missing content still apply, but I am happy to report that so far Duskers is getting great feedback on Steam.  Check it out!



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