Dreadnought Closed Beta Registration

Dreadnought Closed Beta RegistrationThere has been a steady increase in the excitement surrounding Dreadnought, the upcoming PvP space naval arena game from Yager Development Grey Box.  To add to the frenzy, the Dreadnought beta registration is live and is waiting for everyone to sign up! [Update: I guess the beta registration actually went live a week or two ago, but we only found out about it from the Dreadnought newsletter that arrived today.  Sorry about that, but sign up anyway if you haven’t already!]

While plenty of PvP games out there embrace space ship combat, Dreadnought eschews the more common theme of smaller ships and dog fighting and instead focuses on the lumbering space opera of capital ship combat.  That isn’t to say that all of the ships will handle like pigs, and players will be able to pilot some smaller capital ships like corvettes.  But Dreadnought is more about careful maneuvering of your team of ships in order to bring maximum firepower from your weapons arcs rather than nimble cat and mouse combat.

From what I understand team composition is paramount and having a good mix of the available ships (currently Dreadnoughts, Destroyers, Corvettes, Artillery Cruisers, and Tactical Cruisers) combined with good teamwork is the key.  Lone wolf mentality probably won’t work out too well in most cases.  Give the gameplay video a watch if you haven’t already as it will give you a pretty good sense of how the game plays out.

From the sounds of the the Dreadnought closed beta won’t be hitting until early 2016, but it doesn’t hurt to get signed up now.  Get on it!



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