Warshift Early Access

Warshift Early AccessI am not sure what is up with Steam lately, but it seems recently that early access titles are often launched without Steam listing them on its early access page.  Oh well.  Thankfully Rock Paper Shotgun yesterday noticed the release of the Warshift early access which appears to have gone live last Friday.  Hopefully Steam gets back on track with listing early access games properly.

In any case, Warshift is billed as an experimental game and is being developed by Cyril Megem.  If that sounds more like a person’s name rather than a studio name, that is because it is in fact the name of the guy that is single-handedly building Warshift.  Once you take a look at the game’s information and watch the gameplay trailer you will quickly see why that is signficant.  Warshift looks really impressive, and the description of it paints an equally impressive scope.

Warshift is essentially an RTS and TPS mash up in which you can build your base, defenses, and armies just like you would in a typical RTS but then jump down into the action and fight along side your troops in the air, on the ground, or even underwater.  Plus it sounds like there are some RPG elements thrown in for good measure.  It all sounds very ambitious and I highly recommend watching the gameplay trailer below for a glimpse of the gameplay.  And remember, this is the work of just one guy!

So far the user feedback on Steam is positive.  It sounds like there are still plenty of rough edges to smooth out and lots of content still to add, but so far the game seems quite playable from what I can tell.  There is some basic LAN multiplayer options, but for the most part the game is primarily single player for now.  Nonetheless, if you are a fan of both RTS and action shooter gameplay then the Warshift early access might be worth a look.  Check it out!



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