Aquanox Kickstarter

Aquanox KickstarterOMG, Aquanox is making a comeback!!  It seems that the Aquanox Kickstarter just launched recently.  I am certainly glad that I stumbled upon it this morning and could help spread the word because having Aquanox make a resurgence is a great thing in my opinion.

Aquanox Deep Descent from Digital Arrow and Nordic Games is being billed as a re-imagining of the original AquaNox series, and AquaNox (the second in the series) was a game that I actually played a lot.  The original wasn’t without it flaws, and I always it tried to do too much for its time, but it was a very engaging concept and one that I remember fondly.  For those that never tried the original games, think of dystopian underwater Wing Commander or Privateer and you will be getting a generally correct idea of what the series was about.  Anyway, reading over the new Aquanox Kickstarter information I get the impression that this new game will be more of a mash up of AquaNox and its predecessor, Archimedean Dynasty, in that there will be plenty of combat but also plenty of looting and trading to do as well.

I recommend reading over the Aquanox Kickstarter page for more details and information.  I especially like the sound of the four player drop-in/out co-op feature that they are planning. Plus, seeing the underwater game world in all of the glory of the Unreal Engine 4 will be a sight to behold.

Anyway, when you decide to support the Aquanox Kickstarter please keep in mind that testing access starts at the $50 tier.  Aquanox is making a comeback, people!  Get excited!



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