Das Tal Public Testing Event

Das Tal Public Testing EventThe good folks over at Fairytale Distillery are back with another open testing event for their in-development PvP sandbox MMO, Das Tal! If you have been interested in checking out the Das Tal alpha then you can sign up for the Das Tal public testing event that will be held on Aug 29!

I think I have commented on this in the past, but Das Tal might be the most reported game on DBB to due to the sheer amount of communication that arrives from Fairytale Distillery.  You have to admire their commitment to PR and outreach!  If you don’t know about Das Tal then I recommend that you read over the About Das Tal page for more information.  Anyway, the press email that DBB received about 30 minutes ago from David Wells of Fairytale Distillery informed us about the Das Tal public testing event and also added in some other information:

“With drastic improvements made to the way computer controlled enemies interact with players in Das Tal, it is time for another public test. Mobs now not only attack with a range of abilities, but also patrol the map and guard certain key areas. The test event will be headlined by a boss fight, which will bring players together for a large battle towards the end.

The boss mob’s appearance will help to make the test go out with a bang, and get players all fighting in one place. We have been continuously optimising the game, so we do want to have this be a bit of a stress test, at the same time as having everyone check out the mob AI and other changes.”

That sound very promising.  If you would like to get involved there is a new Das Tal event registration tool that is being used for this event, so head over and sign up.  Don’t forget that you can still sign up for a general alpha invite to the game as well, or purchase a Supporter’s Pack to get in on all of the testing action.  Get on it!



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