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Goliath KickstarterI don’t recall when or where DBB first heard about Whalebox and their upcoming game, Goliath, but somewhere along the way someone signed us up for the Goliath newsletter.  Not for naught, as it turns out, because a few minutes ago we received an email informing us that the Goliath Kickstarter is now live!  After having a look at the information I figured that this would be one to tell all of you about.

The opening line for the Goliath Kickstarter is “A giant-sized open-world adventure about building and customizing huge robots and punching monsters in the face!”  Honestly, I really don’t think any of us should need any more information than that in order to get interested in this game.  You build robots and punch monsters in the face.  Life doesn’t get any better than that, my friends!

Goliath is actually being built as an open-world adventure game with plenty of survival and RPG elements thrown in for good measure.  The game will spit you out into procedurally generated worlds in which you have to make your own way.  This involves exploring, gathering, and crafting.  And of course the robotic Goliaths!  From the sounds of it there will be an extensive system that will allow you to build a huge variety of Goliaths from all kind of materials in order to have it out with the aforementioned monsters.  It isn’t all about robotic face punching though, and as you explore you will encounter NPC and factions that you can interact with and who will give you quests as you progress along the main story line.

Anyway, I am not doing the game justice with this description so I recommend that you head over and give the Goliath Kickstarter a read over to see if it is something that tickles your fancy.  If it does then you will be even happier to note that testing access starts quite early in the tiers, which is great to see.  Check it out!



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