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Submerge KickstarterI think I may have said this in the past but I am not exactly great at RTS games, at least not the ones that requires massive amount of multitasking and high APM ratings.  Nonetheless I rather like them in general, which is perhaps why the Submerge Kickstarter caught my attention this morning.  If you are looking for something new in the RTS world then this game is worth a look.

Submerge from Icebird Studios is all about underwater RTS action, which might be plenty apparent from the game’s name.  However, instead of worrying about base building and huge armies, Submerge takes a different approach.  Players must put together a small squad of units, with each unit granting the squad exactly one special ability.  Lose a unit in battle and you also lose that ability, which should make each unit far more valuable than in typical RTS games.  Also, from what I gather from the Submerge Kickstarter, players put together “decks” of units (the TCG craze continues) which can be brought into any mission.  As the mission progresses and resource are collected players can unlock more units from their deck to deploy on the battlefield.

Outside of the missions there is a tech tree that you can use to upgrade, customize, and specialize your units in order to fit your play style or a particular strategy.  And since the game will feature PvP battles of up to 16 players you can expect to be changing your strategy often.  Don’t worry if you aren’t that bloodthirsty, because Submerge will also feature single player and co-op modes.  All of these modes have access to a persistent MMO style drop-in drop-out game world that is always changing.  Oh, and I should also mention that the game looks pretty damn sexy too.

I am happy to report that the Submerge Kickstarter does include testing access starting at the €25 tier, so keep that in mind when you decide to pledge for the game.  Check it out!



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