Dark Storm Kickstarter and Demo

Dark Storm Kickstarter and DemoOver the weekend, we here at DBB recieved not one but two emails from different people at Fenrir Studios asking if we could let all of you know about their Dark Storm Kickstarter that is currently underway.  Well, as we always say, ask and ye shall receive.  Moreover, there is a Dark Storm concept demo available via Steam for everyone to try out, although please bear in mind that this is purely meant to give players an idea of what they are going for and is no where near to being indicative of the finished product.

Dark Storm is a futuristic shooter which can be be played from either a first person or third person point of view.  After playing for a few minutes I started to get a distinct Deus Ex: Human Revolution sort of feel, except with out the heavily modified Adam Jensen.  From what I can tell from the demo, missions can be tackled using either stealth, run-and-gun, or any combination using a variety of weapons and tactics.  The first person mode is a bit strange so far in that they are trying to make it a true first person, such that when you slide or dodge the camera looks at the ground or tumbles as if your actually eyes are turning with the roll.  It is a bit jarring, although I imagine it will get smoothed out for the final game.

In any case, read over the Dark Storm Kickstarter information to see what is planned for the game and the background story, which seems to involve a futuristic second cold war between the US and Russia.  Make sure to give the demo a try.  I had hoped to record some footage for you to watch but I upgraded my gaming rig to Windows 10 on the weekend and it is causing a few hiccups with my system.  I will continue to try, but since all of you can give the demo a try yourselves that shouldn’t be a big deal.  Game testing is included as part of the Dark Storm Kickstarter starting at the $50 tier.  Check it out and try the Dark Storm demo.  Enjoy!



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