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Empyrion Early AccessI woke up this morning with a strange twitch, a gnawing at the back of mind that something was missing.  Then a few minutes ago I realized what it was…we hadn’t reported on any survival games this week.  They show up so fast and furious that it is now unusual if we don’t report on one.  Thankfully the Empyrion early access launched yesterday to save the day and give DBB a shot in the arm with survival game goodness.

All joking aside, Emyrion: Galactic Survival from Eleon Game Studios is actually a survival game that might stand out in the pack, at least for a little while.  No island or forest or apocalyptic city here, hell no!  Instead you are marooned on a desolate planet and you need to survive.  OK, perhaps that isn’t much of a stretch, but what I am noticing from the quite positive user feedback on Steam is that Empyrion is like a survival action version of Space Engineers.  Given the success of the latter game this should perhaps make you sit up and take notice.

It think it is the scope of Empyrion that makes it sound impressive.  Starting from your crash site, you must strip your escape pod for gear and then make the best of it.  However, it doesn’t just stop at trying to build a structure and find food.  No, you can keep going, building vehicles and then eventually launching space ships to explore the galaxy and other planets.  Impressive, no?  And from what I understand, while you can play the game alone the co-op multiplayer feature is already in place so that you can hook up with some friends and take on the galaxy as a group!

As always, the early access warnings of bugs and missing content apply here, but I encourage you to have a look at the Empyrion user feedback on Steam and give it your due consideration.  If you are fan of survival games and want something with a bit more scope then the Empyrion early access may well be worth a look.  Check it out!



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