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Mooncrest KickstarterOk, hands up for all of you out there that liked the original Neverwinter Nights!  Yes, thank you I see all of those hands.  Me too, and I know Zhenya here at DBB was also a huge fan of that game.  Neverwinter Nights was just all around fantastic, and made even better by the extensive modding tool set that was included.  I don’t actually recall whether or not I ever tried the Twilight series of mods (no they have nothing to do with the Twilight movies, thank the heavens!) but apparently they were amazing.  So much so that they serve as the primary inspiration for Mooncrest, and if you are a fan of Neverwinter Nights then you should really be excited by the new Mooncrest Kickstarter that just launched.

Mooncrest is being developed by KnightMayor, a four man team that between themselves have an impressive amount of game development experience (at least two of them are former Bioware employees).  I am pretty excited at what they are hoping to achieve with Mooncrest, a game that centers around not one but two female protagonists.  From what I understand, you control Sera, a Paladin that is accompanied by Pirotase, a street smart outcast that has a penchant for archery.  This mirrors the gameplay of Neverwinter Nights in which your main hero was always accompanied by a companion of your choosing who would help out in combat and with obstacles.

It is worth reading over the Mooncrest Kickstarter page, because there is a lot of great information there.  The three aspects that KnightMayor wants to highlight is the deep story the revolves around the interaction of Sera and Pirotase, the real time tactical combat that is taking strong cues from the Demon/Dark Souls series of games, and the inclusion of well crafted puzzles to challenge players.  That all sounds great to me!

As always, game testing is our focus, and the Mooncrest Kickstarter does indeed include testing access starting at the $50 tier.  That is a bit higher than I would have liked, but it is their party and they get to call the dance.  In any case, the Mooncrest Kickstarter is well worth a look if you are a big fan of RPGs, especially the Neverwinter Nights style of RPGs.  Check it out!



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