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Paladins Beta RegistrationI have a soft spot in my heart for Hi-Rez Studios, the developers of Global Agenda, Tribes Ascend, and Smite.  I played Global Agenda a lot in the early days of its beta and for a long time after launch.  Despite its short comings, it was a fun game and I met a lot of great online friends because of it, including Nick (AKA Psychophobic) who is one of the founding members of DBB and who runs our social media.  Anyway, Hi-Rez just announced their new game team-based FPS game called Paladins (thanks to IGN for posting about it yesterday), and it turns out that the Paladins beta registration is already up and running and waiting for you to sign up.

From what I understand from the few online articles I have managed to dig up regarding Paladins, the game seems to be another attempt by Hi-Rez to develop an team-based FPS shooter that incorporates elements from Team Fortress 2 (as Global Agenda also did).  The context appears completely different this time around though, and instead of pure sci-fi with classes there is an eclectic mix of unique heroes to choose from with a bit more of a sci-fi fantasy setting.  You can view the current list of revealed heroes over at the Paladins website.  Also, each of these heroes can be augmented using cards and deck building, thus allowing every player to customize the heroes to better fit their playstyle.  So far, the only game mode I have seen discussed is a combination of TF2’s King of the Hill and Payload modes.

Beyond that there isn’t a huge amount of information out there, but who cares?  It is another beta to sign up for!  You can access the Paladins beta registration form right on the game’s main website.  Check it out!



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  3. ich war auf der Gamescom und habe paladins angezockt. Das Spiel hat mega viel Spaß gemacht und war mega Lustig! Ich würde mich sehr darüber freuen wenn sie mir einen Betakey zusenden würden 🙂

    Mfg Florian Schulz

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