GW2 Heart of Thorns Beta Weekend

GW2 Heart of Thorns Beta WeekendWell, if you are still very much enjoying the Guild Wars 2 experience then you probably have long since started getting excited about the Heart of Thorns expansion that is now imminent.  Or, if like me you burned out on Guild Wars 2 at some point but have been looking for a reason to return then the upcoming first expansion to the game may be just the thing you need to pull you back in.  Either way, you will all be happy to know that the first Heart of Thorns beta weekend starts on Friday, August 7 for those that have pre-ordered the expansion, which I guess technically makes this sort of an early access test.

Guild Wars 2 is probably one of the best MMORPGs I have ever played and indeed I played it way too much after it first launched, hence my aforementioned burn out.  It did a lot of things well, not the least of which was providing an amazing MMORPG experience without the need for a monthly subscription and not much in the way of F2P elements either.  Anyway, the Heart of Thorns looks to be adding in a tonne of new stuff and features.  Probably the most exciting of these are the new Mastery System for endgame skill development, a new competitive PvP mode, and a new class called the Revenant.  It looks like it could be a great expansion to the main game!  Check out the Heart of Thorns beta announcement for more information, because it sounds like a doozy!

As I said above, the Heart of Thorns beta weekend is only available to those that pre-order it, so if you want to be involved you will have to pony up the dough this week.  There are three flavours of pre-order that each grant different perks, so if you are eager for more Guild Wars 2 action then grab a pack and get ready for the Heart of Thorns beta weekend starting on Aug 7.  Check it out!



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