Dead Realm Early Access

Dead Realm Early AccessI believe it was Ben “Yahtzee” Crowshaw of Zero Punctuation fame that said that one “can’t have any kind of tense survival horror and co-op” but I have a feeling that the new Dead Realm early access now available on Steam may beg to differ.  If you like horror games, survival games, multiplayer games, or some combinations of those then it would be worth checking out Dead Realm and whether or not another player can’t frighten the living hell out of you.

Dead Realm from Section Studios is all about a group of players trying to survive inside a rather creepy mansion which just happens to have been the site of a grisly mass murder (because aren’t they all?) while another group of players tries to add to the already significant body count.  Yes that’s right, sometimes you play as a human, and sometimes as a ghost, and I don’t mean Casper.  I actually am not sure what the motivation of the humans is to be inside the mansion, but I am clear about their motivations to get out.  And the ghost players are pretty clear about their motivations to kill anything not already dead.  The visuals of the game look quite good as well so all of the wonderful survival horror environments will make all the more easy to see some ghost gnawing on your face.

So far the Dead Realm early access is getting good reviews on Steam, but nonetheless I must warn you that the standard early access warnings of bugs and missing content apply.  I still think it is worth a look though if you like multiplayer horror games, and I imagine it would be satisfying to scare another player so badly that you know you made them cry a little.  Check it out!



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