Fabric Open Pre-alpha

Fabric Open Pre-alphaYesterday we got an email from Torreng Labs, an indie developer that is currently making Fabric, a first person puzzle game that employs a rather interesting mechanic.  Better yet, the Fabric open pre-alpha version of the game is available for everyone to download and try out.  Torreng Labs is hopeful that some of you will try the pre-alpha and provide feedback about the game, and I think you should because there is the makings of a great puzzle game here!

Our very own Simokon (or Paul as he is known by day) tried out Fabric yesterday and recorded some gameplay footage with commentary, which you can watch below.  Fabric is still very much in the early stages of development, but nonetheless is worth checking out if you are into first person puzzle games.  The main mechanic of the game revolves around the ability to squeeze the map together in different ways in order to access different parts of the map.  The early maps are quite straight forward but the later maps start becoming quite convoluted and it will take some thinking to progress.  Check out the gameplay video from Simokon for a better idea about the game.

As I said, Torreng Labs is looking for some feedback from testers, and if you have some extra time I encourage you to head over to their site, download the Fabric open pre-alpha (it comes as a RAR file, by the way, so make sure you have an appropriate decompression utility), and try out the game.  If you want to leave feedback you can do so right on the Fabric website in the comment section.  Enjoy!



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