Better Late Than Dead Early Access

Better Late Than Dead Early AccessI think we have commented on quite a number of occasions that survival games are all the rage these days, and to help drive that point home yet another survival game has hit the Steam early access scene.  This time it is the Better Late Than Dead early access that is fresh on the scene.  Is this another game for you survival nuts to get excited about?  Since I am not a survival nut myself I can’t say for sure, but it does look like it is at least worth a look.

Better Late Than Dead from Odin Game Studio drops you onto a procedurally generated (and rather pretty looking island) and then like all good survival games gives you a wave and “good luck have fun” before completely abandoning you to the elements.  Better Late Than Dead also adds insult to injury by inflicting you with the age-old game mechanic of amnesia.  Presumably that is important to the story since from what I understand the island is not what it seems and there is an underlying mystery to explore if you so choose.  Or maybe you don’t actually have a choice if you want to escape the island.

All of the wonderful survival elements that you expect are in Better Late Than Dead.  Harsh environments, starvation, wild animals, and crafting all make an appearance.  The game can be played either as single player or multiplayer, although multiplayer is quite limited at this point.  Oh and there is permadeath, so have fun with that as well!

As I said above the game looks quite pretty, but I did notice that some players are complaining about the lack of optimization (which the developers have stated is top priority to fix).  I guess that is a good way of segueing into the usual spiel about early access games being buggy and missing content and all that, so don’t say I didn’t warn you.  Nonetheless, the Better Late Than Dead early access is worth a look over if you are into survival games, and I am sure the developers will be grateful if you decide to buy the game and give them feedback.  Check it out!



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