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XO KickstarterWe here at DBB have been waiting for the launch of the XO Kickstarter for a little while now.  That is because one of the good folks over at Jumpdrive Studios, Corey Warning, has been in touch with DBB several times in the past few months to keep us apprised of XO’s development.  Well, today is the day, because the XO Kickstarter launched just this morning, and for those of you looking for a new strategy game this is one to check out!

XO is attempting to be a bit different from other strategy games in several ways.  First, and most apparent, is the visual aesthetic.  XO uses a rather retro and slick still very slick looking wireframe artistic style that screams Tron without the lightcycles and identity discs.  From there, XO seems mix in a little bit of RTS and a little bit of rogue-like and a little bit of survival.  These elements start to make sense when you see the list of inspirations such as Battlestar Galactica and FTL.

In fact, mentioning that TV show and that game can pretty much sum up XO nicely.  You are in charge of a remnant human fleet that is trying to stay one step ahead of a pursuing alien fleet that is hellbent on harvesting all of your warm bodies.  You need to jump from planet to planet to search for survivors and resources.  Not only that, but you must manage internal struggles as well, such as dealing with political conflict and staving off mutinies.  Expect to have to make a lot of difficult decisions and sacrifices along the way.  Combat is best avoided but when you can’t you will have different options in terms of fleet formations and ship maneuvers, which is all handled on a 2D plane to keep things streamlined.

There is plenty of interesting information on the XO Kickstarter so I recommend that you read it over to get a better sense of the game.  One great thing about the XO Kickstarter is that testing access starts at the second tier which is great to see.  So check out the XO Kickstarter and help support this new sci-fi strategy game.  Oh, and help vote it in on Steam Greenlight as well.  Check it out!



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