Defect Kickstarter and Demo

Defect Kickstarter and DemoOK, you know all of those games that allow you to design, build, and fly your own spaceship?  You like them, yes?  Isn’t it a great feeling when you finally build that perfect ship that can’t be beaten?  Of course it is.  BUT, what if you yourself were forced to face your own perfect design in combat?  That might make you rethink how you design your ship, and that is exactly the kind of thinking you will need when playing Defect.  Sound interesting?  If so you should really check out the Defect Kickstarter, although be quick about it because it only has just over a week to go.  Better yet, there is a demo of the game already available via Steam for you to try out.

Defect from Three Phase Interactive is all about building a space ship and flying it in battle in a series of campaign missions.  The kicker is that at the end of every mission you crew (comprising conscripted prisoners…seems like a bad idea) will mutiny and give you the boot, after which you must face them and your now stolen ship in the next round of combat.  This is an interesting concept, because it means that building specific weaknesses into every ship design is probably the safest course of action.  Now there is something you don’t see in video games very often (or at all).

The ship design and construction phase gives you a massive amount of flexibility for building your ship.  Build it big or small, and pack on a dizzying array of weapons and components.  You can save your designs for later if you choose in case you want to return to them.  During battle, the action is viewed from a top down perspective much like in SPAZ from what I can tell.  If you fail you have to head back to the drawing board to build a better ship.  If you are victorious your filthy crew will steal the ship, AND THEN you must head back to the drawing board to build a better ship.  It doesn’t seem like you can win at all, but at least it will give you a good challenge!

By the way, there isn’t any multiplayer per se, but you do have the option of downloading ship designs from the community in order to face off against them with your own designs.  You can still compete for bragging rights!

As I said, the Defect demo is already available via Steam for you to check out.  If you like what you see then keep in mind that the Defect Kickstarter includes alpha access starting at the $30 ($23 USD) tier.  Enjoy the demo, and check out the game!



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