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Dispatcher Early AccessI think I have probably mentioned this here and there, but I recently played through Alien Isolation and I have to admit that I do indeed have a fondness for sci-fi horror games.  If you happen to also like such games then I would like to let you know about the Dispatcher early access that went live on Steam yesterday because it look like it will be able to deliver a similar experience.

Dispatcher from Civil Savages is a sci-fi horror survival game that sounds like it is exactly like Alien Isolation in some ways.  You are trapped on a floating space-something (in this case a spaceship) and you must sneak your way around in order to escape.  Granted Dispatched is trying to do some things differently.  For example, there are five different classes that you can play with some form of special abilities.  There is also more than one alien thingy running around the ship that you will have to avoid.  And finally, unlike Amanda Ripley in Alien Isolation who was indeed dressed appropriately for her role, your female protagonist is dressed in skimpy skin tight clothes with a huge exposed cleavage, something that Civil Savages more or less proudly announces right on the Dispatcher early access page.  Because, you know, all gamers are 15 year old boys, right?  Or perhaps it is that all of the devs at Civil Savages are 15 year old boys?

Altogether now…siiiiiiiiiiggggghhhhhh…

Sadly, it might be a selling point for some of you, but oh well.  In any case, if you can stomach the obvious and distasteful juvenile aspects of the game then the Dispatcher early access might be worth a look for you sci-horror survival fans out there.  As always, the standard early access warnings apply and you can expect bugs and missing features (which, I must mentioned, included an as yet non-implemented mutliplayer mode).  Nonetheless, the Dispatcher early access is getting positive feedback on Steam, so check it out!



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