The Black Watchmen Early Access

The Black Watchmen Early AccessThe last time we talked about The Black Watchmen I ruminated on the fact that I really had no idea about what it, or the genre of Alternate Reality Games, is all about.  After reading more about it since then I am starting to get a clearer picture, and I am now convinced that this game is simply a recruitment vehicle for Samaritan (any Person of Interest fans out there?).  If it is, I probably won’t be around much longer once I post this, but before I go let me quickly mention that The Black Watchmen early access is now live on Steam.

For those that aren’t familiar with ARGs, a group to which I firmly belong, let me give you a rundown of what to expect (this will be the blind leading the blind).  Actually, let me first tell you what not to expect.  Don’t expect a typical game with bullets and guns and cute characters that you move around and level up.  Don’t expect to figure things out easily and don’t expect to do this alone.  You CAN expect to be confused at times, you can also expect to have to do and research things outside of the game in order to figure out what is happening, and you will need to get involved in the game’s community.

Confused?  Good, me too.  I really recommend that you read over some of the used feedback on The Black Watchmen early access Steam page (which are so far positive) because they can give you some insight into what you will experience.

As an early access game, please expect things to not be complete or be all in working order.  Nonetheless, if you are into ARGs, and especially if you like the idea of a persistent online ARG, then The Black Watchmen early access is probably worth a look.  Now if you will excuse me I need to get a jump on the Samaritan agents before they arrive at my door!



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