Interstellar Rift Early Access

Interstellar Rift Early AccessI have to admit that I am a bit of a sucker for spaceship games, including those in which you get to design, build, and operate your very own ship.  There is just something really great about coming up with a really nice design and then seeing it in action.  If you are like me in this regard then you will be interested to know that there is another contender on the field.  The new Interstellar Rift early access arrived a couple of days ago on Steam and is waiting to help you scratch that spaceship building itch.

Actually, Interstellar Rift from Split Polygon is hoping to to more than just that, although make no mistake there is an impressive looking ship building system in place (especially for the ship interiors).  It also wants to provide players with an extensive open world galaxy to explore with whatever ships they build.  There is a number of impressive sounding features planned for the game, such as a dynamic game world with an economy that is both player and NPC driven.  The multiplayer options already in the game sounds great as well, with multiple players being able to team up to operate a single ship, or teams of players fighting it out with opposing fleets.  Players can host their own multiplayer servers if they choose.

Of course, this being an early access game that , you can expect plenty of bugs and missing features.  The Interstellar Rift early access page on Steam lists which features have yet to be implemented in the game, so keep that in mind if you think about buying it.  Still, the game is getting positive feedback on Steam from other early access users, so that is a good sign.  Check it out!



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