Out of Reach Early Access

Out of Reach Early AccessAnother day, another survival game.  Not that that is a bad thing mind you, because survival games can be quite fun.  I am simply starting to wonder how it is that we aren’t all “survivaled” out by now.  Clearly we love plenty of punishment from such games, and since that seems to be true you will all be happy to know that the Out of Reach early access went live on Steam this week.  It looks to deliver more of the same gritty survival experience that we gamers can’t get enough.

These days it is probably redundant to describe a survival game.  Saying “survival game” should be enough to let you guess the context: stranded on an island, or in a forest, or in the middle of nowhere, and it is up to you to hunt, eat, craft, build shelter, and so on.  Out of Reach from Space Boat Studios fits squarely into that niche (albeit an extremely large niche these days).  However, it does appear that Out of Reach has a least one major difference, at least from what I can tell from the positive user feedback on Steam.  The Out of Reach community seems friendly, and the game does not cater to the kill-on-sight and usual PvP griefing that is so common in such multiplayer survival games.  That alone should make Out of Reach worth checking out.

As always, the standard early access warnings of bugs, incomplete content, and missing features still apply, so keep that in mind if you purchase the Out of Reach early access.  Still, if you can’t get enough of the survival experience then the Out of Reach early access is certainly worth a look.  Check it out!



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