Armored Warfare Early Access

Armored Warfare Early AccessActually, this is one where the “early access” label is a bit misleading, because the official description of the Armored Warfare early access testing reads more like a closed beta test.  In any case, if you are interested in testing out Armored Warfare then you should know that the second Armored Warfare early access test is launching tomorrow, June 10, and you can still sign up for a chance to play it!

We have actually mentioned Armored Warfare in the past when the actual beta test was running over a year ago.  Since then, this new PvP tank arena game from Obsidian Entertainment has clearly been crunching through development since, presumably, this early access testing is a couple steps off of the final release.  As I said a year ago, I can’t really say how Armored Warfare is all that different from World of Tanks other than it has a more modern setting.  That isn’t a bad thing given how successful WoT is, but I would be remiss in not pointing out that Armored Warfare still has its differences.  One of these is the inclusion of PvE co-op missions, which I personally think is a huge plus and will make the game much more attractive to a wider audience.  Bravo to Obsidian!

As I said at the beginning, the Armored Warfare early access feels more like a closed beta test in that you can actually sign up for a chance to be selected to test the game (look for the sign up button.  We clearly missed reporting on the start of this early access testing two weeks ago, but better late than never I suppose.  Also, note that you can purchase an Armored Warfare Founder’s Pack if you want guaranteed access to the early access test.  Check it out!



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