ARK Early Access

ARK Early AccessIs it just me, or does it seem like there has been a flurry of dinosaur-based survival games in the past few years?  Perhaps I am simply imagining things, but in either case the new ARK early access that went live a few days ago is bringing us some new dino-action!

ARK: Survival Evolved is yet another multiplayer survival game that tosses you into a hostile jungle and bids you “good luck, have fun!”  Clearly we as gamers just love this type of punishment, and the ARK early access will give you more of the same.  From what I can see, ARK will give you the same sort of experience that other survival games do: hunting, gathering, crafting, finding food, trying to stay warm, finding other players to work together with, finding yet other players that want to ruin your day, and so on.  Plus there are the dinosaurs that will constantly being eying you up as a potential plat du jour.  One cool thing though is that while you can be at the mercy of the dinosaurs, they can also be at your mercy thanks to the more advanced weaponry that appears to be in the game.  Oh, and you can even tame your own dinosaur to use as a mount and command as your pet.  I guess you will need to watch out for that one bad ass player that manages to tame the T-Rex.

It sounds like there is plenty to love about ARK: Survival Evolved if you are into survival games.  From what I understand from the Steam user feedback, the launch was pretty rocky but things have been smoothed out with a number of updates.  As a result the ARK early access is getting great feedback now.  I must still warn you about early access testing and all that that implies, but nevertheless the ARK early access is worth a look.  Check it out!

[Update: I noticed that there is an “Apply for Alpha” button on the ARK website.  I have no idea if that is still useful, but if you want to sign up just in case, have at it!]



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