Tree of Life Early Access

Tree of Life Early AccessGah! We have fallen behind once again on our early access coverage.  Too many great games keep hitting early access too quickly!  Anyway, the Tree of Life early access went live on Steam recently, and as sandbox MMOs go this is one to check out if you haven’t already.

I have to say that I am torn on games that combine sandbox exploration, construction, and survival with open world multiplayer of any form.  I mean, I am a huge PvP fan in general, but the idea of having to spend plenty of time in a game to build up tools and structures just to have them stolen and torn down by random players isn’t all that appealing to me.  But then again, perhaps it is to you.  Tree of Life from Oddone Games certainly sounds like it will give you plenty of stuff to do as you try to make your way in its game world, especially since that world is ever changing based on the players.  There appears to be plenty of crafting and exploring to do.  And combat.  I gather that NPC monsters are found aplenty in the game and they will come looking for you and your possessions.  It sounds like they can even have their own villages that you can attack.  Oh, and let’s not forget that there are the other players.  I imagine they won’t all be friendly.

Tree of Life very much sounds like the kind of game where getting active with a group of players to form a clan and work together is probably the best route.  Hopefully given that the game is an MMO there will be plenty of opportunity to find others to join.  Or they may just attack you and steal your stuff for all I know.  Either way, if that sounds like your cup o’tea then I recommend giving the Tree of Life early access a look.  As always the standard early access warnings of bugs and missing content apply, but even so it seems to be getting rave reviews on Steam so far.  Check it out!



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