Echo of Soul Beta Key Giveaway

Echo of Soul Beta Key Giveaway[Update: holy crap, those went fast!  We will see if Aeria Games will be kind enough to send us more.]

Lately we here at DBB have been noticing more and more buzz regarding the approach of the Echo of Soul MMORPG, being brought from Korea to us gamers in North America and the EU by Aeria Games.  Currently the Echo of Soul closed beta is underway for those regions, and a number of you loyal DBB readers have asked us if we had any closed beta keys to distribute.  Well, I am happy to report that yesterday Aeria Games was kind enough to send us a small number of closed beta keys to hand out, and you will have to act fast to grab one in our Echo of Soul beta key giveaway below!

Echo of Soul has already been running in Korea for a couple of years now, and the good thing about that is that you can expect there to already be a decent amount of game content to digest.  I haven’t actually tried the beta, but I have read quite a bit about the game and it sounds like fans of MMORPGs should have plenty to get excited about.  There are five classes to try, each with two subclasses, and from what I understand EoS has gone the Guild Wars 2 route of not having a dedicated healer class.  Also, I believe that the classes are gender locked, so if you are set on only playing one gender you will have some limitations.

PvE players should have plenty of stuff to do and places to explore.  Both solo and party dungeons are available to try, and there is also a dungeon finder system to help you get into a raid party.  There is also an “Infinite Dungeon” system that I haven’t quite figured out but it sounds like this mode will randomize the mobs and keep ramping up the boss difficulty each time you attempt the same dungeon.  Might be fun.

PvP players will also have plenty to do, and Aeria Games wants you to know that you could play the game and level up doing nothing but PvP if you wanted.  There are a number of modes, including 5v5 arenas and 15v15 battlegrounds.  The mode that interests me the most is the Guild Wars mode, which sounds like it take a page from the EVE Online playbook.  Any two player guilds can go to war with each other, and while at war you can attack and gank any enemy guild player anywhere in the open world.  There is nothing more satisfying than ganking some poor sod while he or she is attempt to finish out a harvesting quest or something like that.



Anyway, it sounds like Echo of Soul has plenty going for it, but you will need to try it out for yourself to see if it is for you.  Thankfully, if you are quick enough to grab a closed beta key from our Echo of Soul beta key giveaway below, you can do so.  Instructions on how to redeem the key will be included with your key.  Act fast and enjoy!

Oh, and if you do miss out on grabbing a key, you can still sign up for the beta at the main Echo of Soul site, or purchase a Founder’s Pack to jump in to the game!



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