Early Access Round-up, April 21

Early Access Round-up, April 21It feels like it has been awhile since DBB talked about any early access testing, so let’s do a quick recap of some early access tests that went live recently.  An early access round-up, if you will.

First up we have Hover: Revolt of Gamers.  We covered Hover back when it was running its Kickstarter campaign, and on the heels of that success it has now been released into early access testing.  There is a faint glimmer of a story revolving around a futuristic city that has banned fun, leading gamers to take to the streets in a parkour-fueled revolt, but I am guessing that you probably aren’t going to play Hover for the story.  What you are going to play it for is the fast-paced single player and multiplayer parkour racing.  If you aren’t into that then  I would keep on walking.


Next up we have Survarium, a spiritual successor to STALKER that we have talked about many times in the past.  Like the recent beta test, the Survarium early access is focused squarely on the PvP modes, with the PvE content still in the works.  If you aren’t a fan of PvP action then this might not be for you.  On the plus side, the early access is free-to-play so it won’t cost you anything to try out.


Strife has finally arrived on Steam, and if you are dying to try another MOBA then this is one to check out.  DBB covered Strife awhile back, and we even wrote up a hands-on article about the game.  I rather enjoyed Strife while I was still playing it, and I appreciate S2 Games’ attempts to create a more friendly MOBA community.  There is a bit of taint around the crafting system (which is one of the reasons I stopped playing) which makes it feel a bit pay-to-win, but the Strife early access is another one that is free-to-play and so there isn’t any harm in checking it out.


If you are more in the mood for some tactical and strategic gameplay, then you might consider giving the recent Sovereignty early access from Slitherine a look.  Sovereignty: Crown of Kings admittedly looks a little dicey due to a UI that lacks in appealing aesthetics, but from what I am reading in the user comments there is a decent turn-based strategy game under the surface.  Pick one of the large number of starting nations and get ready for war!


Ok, one more and then we will call it.  The Space Beast Terror Fright early access recently went live on Steam and this is one that I am thinking about picking up myself due to me being a huge fan of Aliens (one of only two good movies in the Aliens franchise), which was a huge inspiration for the game.  User feedback is immensely popular about this sci-fi rogue-like survival shooter.  By the way, we mentioned SBTF previously when we told you about the demo that was available.  I am not sure if the demo is still available but it is worth checking out in case you want to try the game before you buy into the early access.


There are some other early access titles on Steam that we need to talk about, but I think we will leave those for another day so as to not overwhelm all of you in a single post.  As always, early access games come with the warning of bugs and incomplete features, so don’t buy into one of them expecting a fully polished game.

Have fun!


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