Deadwood Kickstarter Reboot

Deadwood Kickstarter RebootIt was actually less than a three weeks ago when DBB stumbled upon the Deadwood Kickstarter and reported on it.  Since then, Steamroller Studios decided that they weren’t happy with the campaign or how it was progressing, and so they decided to pull the plug and reboot the whole thing.  And so here we are, three weeks later, and the new Deadwood Kickstarter is already up and running as of yesterday.  Better yet, the new campaign has already raised more money in the first day than the last campaign did in three weeks.  Grats!

Now, as I strongly tried to impress upon all of you last time, Deadwood: The Forgotten Curse currently holds the rather shocking distinction of being a zombie game that I actually like the look of and that I actually want to play.  In fact, it may be the ONLY zombie game that I have ever wanted to try.  Granted, in this case the zombies are made of wood, want to drink sap, and look damned cute.  But regardless, let all of you make note that Cyber is finally on-board with a zombie game, so much so that I backed both campaigns!  Take a good look, kids, because you won’t ever see me doing this again.

Like the last Deadwood Kickstarter, this new iteration also includes testing access in some of the tiers.  In fact, bless my soul, every tier of importance includes beta access!  Steamroller Studios are my new favourite people!  So check out the new Deadwood Kickstarter and consider helping with wooden action adventure game a reality.  Check it out!



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