Shallow Space Indiegogo and Demo

Shallow Space Indiegogo and DemoDeath by Beta has been casually keeping an eye on Shallow Space since last year waiting for some new movement on the game.  Well, it would appear that time has come because the new Shallow Space Indiegogo campaign launched recently, and there is a demo for you to try out.

Shallow Space: Insurgency is a spaceship based RTS that is looking to appeal to the fans of several classic sci-fi RTS games.  The first will undoubtedly be the Homeworld fans, since any new space-based RTS is going to automatically bring Homeworld to mind.  However, the one that I am most interested in is the reference to Nexus: The Jupiter Incident.  Nexus is still one of my favourite games of all times, and I was really bummed out that the Nexus 2 Kickstarter was unsuccessful awhile back.

Nexus was a bit different from other spaceship RTS games in that is was less about direct control of your fleet and more about acting like a true admiral and issuing orders and directives for your ship captains to carry out.  It was, in my opinion, really great, and I will be trying out the Shallow Space demo later today to see how it feels in comparison.  I recommend reading over the Shallow Space Indiegogo page carefully because there are a lot of details about the game to learn about, such as the extensive ship customization system and how the game is being designed with co-op in mind.

As always, game testing is one of the big draws for any crowdfunding campaign we cover, and thankfully the Shallow Space Indiegogo delivers on that.  Pretty much every tier includes some form of early access testing and so if you pledge and the campaign is successful then you can expect to help test it out at some point.  So try out the Shallow Space demo and consider backing the game.  Enjoy!



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