One to watch: Police 10-13

One to watch: Police 10-13We received a request via Twitter to check out Police 10-13 and to give everyone a heads up about the game, even though testing of the game won’t happen for quite some time.  As a result, I have been reading up on the game concept for the past week and I must say that if they can pull it off then the game could be quite something, even to the point of being overwhelming.

Police 10-13 from Wingman Games is attempting to be a police simulator, and by that I mean that Police 10-13 is attempting to be THE end-all-be-all of police simulators.  Whether you play the game as single player or multiplayer, Police 10-13 looks to give access to pretty much every aspect of a cop’s life and job.  Or at the very least it that is what it sounds like from the Police 10-13 features page.  Have your own registered gun (don’t lose track of it!), complete training and join the SWAT, or walk the beat on the streets.  Police cars will be fully modeled with every button fully functional from inside the car.  You will have to worry about dispatches and even writing incident reports.

It all sounds very VERY ambitious.  Perhaps too much so.  I mean, there will always be a niche market for any type of simulator because there will always be hardcore gamers that will climb on board.  But I am not entirely sure if the average gamer is going to really be interested in setting up drunk driving checkpoints or working as a dispatch officer.  Then again, perhaps they will if the experience is deep and rewarding enough.  I can’t say at this point, but in any case Police 10-13 does sound very intriguing and intimidating.

[Update: based on the feedback below and what I have seen elsewhere, I must admit that I stand corrected…apparently there is already big interest in a hardcore police simulator.  The average gamer may very well find plenty of interesting things to do in Police 10-13.]

Anyway, given the early state of the game’s development, all we can do at this point is watch and wait.  I recommend reading over the Police 10-13 website and Greenlight pages, and also joining the Police 10-13 community.  There isn’t any method for signing up for testing that I can see, but my guess is that getting involved with the Police 10-13 forums would be a good way to go for now if you really like the concept of the game.  Check it out!



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9 thoughts on “One to watch: Police 10-13

  1. P13 is going to set the bar to what a Police Simulation should be where others have failed the will succeed.

    Matt Norman has been very open and accessible to the loyal and eager fans taking time out of his personal schedule to answer questions one on one and keeping the community in the know with each step of progress made.

    I look forward to P13 despite the fact it could be a year or two before we can get our hands on it.

    • Matt Norman is the ultimate game developer. He personally answers questions and has an active role in talking directly to the community. This is what sets 1013 apart from the crowd. One to watch is certainly true. This game has the opportunity of being one of the greats in the gaming world. I believe its biggest asset is Matt. He makes himself available to his community. Thats a sign of a true pro.

  2. I want a game like this to come out so badly, but I do not have faith that this will actually happen. It sounds too good to be true.

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