Deadwood Kickstarter

Deadwood KickstarterOK, are you all sitting down?  Good, because I am about to say something that will shock you…I think I have found a zombie game that I can finally get into.

Yes, I know all of you are now asking “who are you and what have you done with the real Cyber?!”  But I am being serious because yesterday I stumbled upon the Deadwood Kickstarter.  It really does look like a game that I want to play, and it involves zombies!  The thermostat in hell just got ratcheted down a few notches I suspect, and the other DBB guys just fell off of their chairs.

Then again, these zombies are made of wood.  Say what now?  Yes, that is general premise of Deadwood: The Forgotten Curse from Steamroller Studios.  You play as Lathe, a wooden individual who would probably be mistaken for Pinocchio if not for the nose.  Each day you must explore the world of Knottington, gathering supplies and completing quests, all the while accompanied by your large and rocky friend, Roguard.  However, each night Roguard falls asleep, and it is up to you to mount a defense against the deadwood, wooden zombies that are after the sap of the living wood (I am pretty sure there is a joke in there somewhere that I should probably avoid).

The Deadwood Kickstarter describes the game as a cross between Don’t Starve and the Zelda games, and from what I can see from the Kickstarter page that description is apropos.  Being part adventure, part exploration, and part survival, Deadwood looks to bring a few different gameplay mechanics together in what appears to be a very attractive package.  Zombies never looked so cute!  I recommend reading over the Deadwood Kickstater page to get more details about the game.

As always, game testing is what we are all about, and the Deadwood Kickstarter does indeed include testing access starting at the $35 tier, so keep that in mind if you pledge for the game.  Oh, and in case you are wondering, yes, I did back the game in case that matters at all.  Check it out!



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