Commander Kamala Pre-Alpha

Commander Kamala Pre-AlphaHere is another interesting game test that we stumbled upon via Twitter (or, to be technically correct, stumbled upon us).  Commander Kamala is a new in-development game from Escape Fuel that is described as, in their words, a space action comedy game.  That sounds intriguing, but before we dig a bit more into that I would like to point out that the Commander Kamala pre-alpha build is available for testing, and you can register to try it out.

OK, back to Commander Kamala being a space action comedy game.  A “space action” game isn’t anything different, but pairing that with some comedy sounds very appealing.  I for one like some humour injected into my gaming now and then.  The information on the Commander Kamala website makes it sound like the game is paying homage to some classic PC games with Stat Flight, Star Control, and Space Quest all being mentioned.  Those names may or may not mean much to you, but it sounds like a great mix to me.  There is also a “Flash-Gordon-meets-Facebook future” description of the game’s setting.  Well, now I am both mystified AND intrigued.

Escape Fuel was kind enough to give DBB access to the latest pre-alpha, but unfortunately I didn’t have time to download the whole thing this morning before work.  Thus, I didn’t get a chance to try it, although even if I had there is an NDA of sorts instructing testers to not share information about the game.  I didn’t notice any videos about the game so I guess we are all in the dark about what the gameplay is aiming for. But, the screenshots make it look colourful, bright, cheery, and a game that I would like to try in general.  Hopefully I can give it a shot this weekend.

It is important to point out that Escape Fuel flat out say on their blog that the game is super pre-alpha and so please don’t expect the world from the game quite yet.  Nonetheless, they are eager for feedback and will push new builds to testers as the game develops.  If you are willing to give them a hand then head over to the Commander Kamala pre-alpha sign up page, enter your email address, and wait for them to contact you.  Check it out!


Commander Kamala Pre-Alpha


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