Skyforge Beta and Founder’s Packs

Skyforge Beta and Founder's PacksTime now for some more interesting gaming news coming from the Skyforge camp.  The Skyforge beta is now slated to launch on March 11, and the beta announcement late last week coincided with the release of the new Skyforge Founder’s Packs!

As we have mentioned several times in the past, Skyforge is a new action-oriented MMORPG that is all about players going from mortality to godhood.  I am not entirely sure it is a good idea to feed the virtual god-complex that many of us gamers already have, but on the flip side feeding it will probably make Skyforge a hit.  Skyforge is attempting to breathe some fresh air into the genre and is certainly boasting some exciting features.  I rather like the class system they are promoting whereby you can progress all of your classes together and choose which class to play for any given battle, allowing you to switch it up to help out the team or simply because you feel like it.  You can read more about this feature and some of the other great-sounding aspects of Skyforge over on the Skyforge features page.

We have pestered you on several occasions to sign up for the Skyforge beta, and if you haven’t yet heeded our advice you can still register for the beta on the Skyforge site (look for the big red button on the left).  However, if you aren’t the gambling type and would prefer to simply secure a spot with some cold hard cash you can opt to buy one of the new Founder’s Packs instead.  What is great about that is that every tier will get you into the beta, so you won’t have to shell out huge money for it.  Make you sure you look over all of the options as the upper tier packs will get you additional goodies, including early access to new classes within the game.  Check it out!



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