Offworld Trading Company Early Access Beta

Offworld Trading Company Early AccessWhile we have mentioned Offworld Trading Company quite a few times in the past we actually haven’t talked about it since the middle of last year.  But never fear, because it is time to once again shine some light on the game’s development with the launch of the Offworld Trading Company early access on Steam that happened earlier today!

I won’t insult your intelligence by reiterating all of the wonderful-sounding aspects of Offworld Trading Company, but for those that are new we can best summarize OTC as an economic RTS game where your money is your weapon.  Built on the principles of the now classic M.U.L.E. game from years ago, OTC is all about using the free market and business savvy to bring your opponents to their knees.  No need to crush them with mortar fire when you can simply bankrupt them!  Check out the OTC information webpages for more information about the game.

Despite this being an early access beta, Offworld Trading Company sounds like it is a fairly feature complete state, and even the multiplayer modes are available for testing.  That doesn’t mean there won’t be bugs or missing stuff, but it sounds like you should be able to have some great fun already.  If you are looking for a novel RTS game that requires perhaps more mental cunning rather than twitch and agility then the Offworld Trading Company early access is well worth a look.  Check it out!



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