The Death List for January 2015

The Death List for January 2015First off, yeah I know that we didn’t do a Death List for December of last year, but it was a slow month.  But, for good measure, we have thrown those news items in with the Death List for January 2015, which you can find below.  Actually that works out well because January was also a bit of a slow month.  Anyway, there were a number of interesting game testing opportunities during that period, such as the Fortnite alpha test and the Albion Online winter alpha both starting up.  Lots of beta testing news hit as well such as the Dead Island: Epidemic open beta and Heroes of the Storm closed beta firing up.  Check out all of the gaming testing news from the past two months in the Death List for January 2015 below!



Alpha Testing News:

Fornite Alpha (Third Person Co-op Construction and Defense Shooter)
Spacemen Alpha (Space Sandbox)
Total War: Arena Alpha Registration (Multiplayer RTS Tactical)
Divergence Open Alpha (Sci-fi MMORPG)
Grimoire Open Alpha (Mutliplayer Shooter)
Albion Online Winter Alpha (MMORPG)
SoulHunt Open Alpha (Asymmetric PvP Hide’n’Seek)


Beta Testing News:

Total War Battles: KINGDOM Beta Registration (Cross Platform Multiplayer Strategy)
Dead Island: Epidemic Open Beta (Co-op/PvP MOBA-esque Action Hack’n’Slash)
Block N Load Beta (First Person Base Building and Shooter)
Cabal II Beta Registration (MMORPG)
Heroes of the Storm Closed Beta (MOBA)
Nosgoth Open Beta (PvP Shooter/Melee Arena)
Survarium EU Open Beta (Multiplayer Shooter)
Dirty Bomb Closed Beta (Mutliplayer Team Shooter)
SNOW Closed Beta (Multiplayer Skiing Sandbox)
World of Warships Beta Weekend (Multiplayer Team Naval Warfare)
Fable Legends Multiplayer Beta Registration (Asymmetric PvP RPG)
Crowfall Beta Registration (MMORPG)
Battlefield Hardline Open Beta (Team PvP Shooter)


Early Access Testing News:

Distant Star (RTS Rogue-like)
Dungeon Defenders (Third Person Co-op Tower Defense)
Chaos Reborn (Turn-based Tactical)
Immune (Survival MMORPG)
Armello (Turn Based Video Board Game)
Besiege (Construction and Base Siege)


Kickstarter News:

Identity (Sandbox MMORPG)
Igneos (Flight Exploration and Combat)



Spacemen Alpha Demo (Space Sandbox)
Space Beast Terror Fright (Sci-fi Survival Shooter)
Igneos (Flight Exploration and Combat)


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