Darkest Dungeon Early Access

Darkest Dungeon Early AccessIt appears that we are doing an all things Darkest Dungeon week here at DBB because today we can announce that the Darkest Dungeon early access is now available on Steam!

I am not going to bother telling you about Darkest Dungeon because you can simply go and read our hands-on article that was posted yesterday and watch our gameplay videos.  In a nutshell, Darkest Dungeon is an unforgiving rouge-like RPG that will frustrate you time after time as you watch your heroes get smacked down into the permadeath afterlife over and over and over again.  As I have said before and will say again, Darkest Dungeon is not for the gaming faint of heart.

As an early access title, Darkest Dungeon is not yet complete and the devs are continuing to flesh it out.  But, from playing it quite a bit in the last few days I can tell you that the game is already very polished and very playable with a fantastic artistic style and sounds effects.  If you are looking for a really challenging turn-based RPG then you would do well to give the Darkest Dungeon early access a look.  Check it out!



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