Battlefield Hardline Open Beta

BFHL-3It has been rather funny to watch how much hype has been generated by EA recently announcing that they were about to announce the date of the Battlefield Hardline open beta.  In any case, the day of finding our what day the open beta starts is finally upon us, and the Battlefield Hardline open beta is going to start next week on Tuesday, February 3.

I never actually tried out Battlefield Hardline beta previously, despite having a key for it.  I guess I have never really been into the later iteration of the Battlefield games.  Plus, Hardline was heavily panned by many gamers as simply being a reskin of Battlefield 4 with criminals and cops instead of soldiers, which didn’t help things in my mind.  It would appear that the developers took notice of this because there appears to be some new game modes added to the game, such as the Hotwire mode in which the criminals attempt to steal a series of cars and the cops are trying to get them back.  Could be fun.  Watch the new Battlefield Hardline open beta trailer below to get revved up for the game!

In any case, if you have been eagerly waiting to try out Battlefield Hardline, you will get your chance as of next week.  Watch for the launch of the Battlefield Hardline open beta on February 3 and play your guts out before it closes again on February 8.  Check it out!



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