Igneos Kickstarter and Demo

Igneos Kickstarter and DemoIt feels like we haven’t done much in the way of Kickstarter news lately so here is one to fill that void, and it is about a game from some fellow Vancouverites to boot!  Igneos: The Last Phoenix is a new in-development game from BearinMind Games, and you can check out the new Igneos Kickstarter that is now running.  Moreoever you can try out the demo to see what you think.

Igneos is a flying adventure, combat, andexploration game in which you play Pharos, who does indeed happen to be the last Phoenix.  I guess that stands to reason given the name of the game.  Anyway, you will be able to explore what looks to be a rather pretty but ruined world spread over a series of islands.  Each island will present you with some kind of challenge to overcome or puzzle to solve in order to proceed.  From what I can tell, as you do this you will harassed by various enemies.  Thankfully you can fight back with your fire-based abilities, so I imagine you will have plenty of fun aerial combat to engage in.  Check out the Igneos Steam Greenlight page for more information about the game.

The Igneos Kickstarter does include early access starting with the $65 tier, so there is testing access of some form.  The big draw for us though is really the prototype demo, so give it a try and see what you think.  If you like what you see then consider supporting the Igneos Kickstarter and help make the game a reality!  Check it out!



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