More Skyforge Beta Key Contests

More Skyforge Beta Key ContestsI see a number of other news sites talking about some new Skyforge beta key contests this morning, so I guess DBB had better follow suit!

The good devs of Skyforge have two new contests running via which you have a chance to win a Skyforge beta key.  One of them is a contest to “Name that Critter” in which five people will win keys for the top five most voted for names.  Additionally, five keys will be given out at random among anyone that votes.  Name entry ends on December 22, with the voting ending on December 29.

Besides that contest, there is also a Facebook contest in which 500 beta keys will be given out at random among anyone who enters before January 15!

So, if you are still looking for a way to snag a Skyforge beta key then you should head over and check out these new Skyforge beta key contests.  Get on it!



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