Chaos Reborn Early Access

Chaos Reborn Early AccessBack in March and April we covered the Kickstarter campaign for Chaos Reborn.  It was a bit of a battle but the Kickstarter did succeed, thankfully, and the state of the game has now progressed to the Chaos Reborn early access stage!

Chaos Reborn is a remake or re-imagining of the old Chaos game from years ago by Julian Gollop, who was not only the designer behind Chaos but also the original X-COM.  That is a helluva gaming lineage for Chaos Reborn.  As you can probably guess, given Julian’s previous games, Chaos Reborn is a turn-based tactical game, with players controlling wizards and their various minions and spells in order to become king of the hill, so to speak.  Currently the Chaos Reborn early access only has online PvP and co-op modes available, but single player offline modes will be added later on.  This will include procedurally generated realms to explore and add more RPG elements to the game.  Check out the new Chaos Reborn trailer to get a glimpse of the game.

As always I need to state the standard early access warnings of bugs and incomplete or missing features.  Still, the Chaos Reborn early access is selling for a very reasonable price of $20 USD, and it is getting good feedback so far from Steam users, so if you are into turn-based tactical games then this is one to watch.  Check it out!



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