Spacemen Alpha Demo

Spacemen Alpha DemoIt’s a new week, and I feel like kicking it off by going a bit INDIE!

So about a week ago one of our Twitter, followers, Adrian87bv, sent a tweet to inform us about the Spacemen alpha demo that was recently released.  And better yet the demo can be converted into a open alpha version if you enjoy the game.

Spacemen is the in-development game from Florin Bucur that is all about giving you a procedurally generated galaxy in which you can do whatever your heart desires.  Explore, fly, fight, trade, build a fleet, build an empire…whatever you like.  It sounds like a bit of an eclectic game that, according to the Spacemen Greenlight page, draws upon the third person shooter, RPG, and RTS genres somewhat.  The game also states up front that it is more about gameplay and glitzy graphics so if you are only into shiny things you may want to keep on walking.  Check out the gameplay video to see the game in action.

However, if you are into indie games and want to check out a in-development sandbox game, Spacemen is worth a look.  As I said above, the Spacemen alpha demo can be converted into an open alpha version if you want to play more.  Simply email Florin for instructions on how to do this (check for his email address at the bottom of the Space IndieDB page).  Enjoy!



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