Dungeon Defenders II Early Access

Dungeon Defenders II Early AccessI had a lot of fun playing the original Dungeon Defenders with my friends, despite the game being marred at times by hackers.  In any case, I have been following the development of the sequel with some interest and so I am happy to announce today that the Dungeon Defenders II early access is now available on Steam, and this is one to definitely check out!

For those of you who never tried the original game, Dungeon Defenders from Trendy Entertainment is a third person action game crossed with tower defense gameplay (if you played any of the Orcs Must Die games then you will also have an idea about the gameplay in DD).  Dungeon Defenders II is looking to build upon and expand the original DD formula.  The same core mechanics of lots towers combined with weapons and spells returns in a more refined state, along lots of new stuff and new enemies.  If you loved the first DD, then you will probably adore the sequel if the user feedback on Steam in any indication.

From what I understand, Dungeon Defenders II will eventually be F2P, but buying one of the two available early access packs will give you some starting equipment and in game currency for a discounted price.  Bear in mind that being an early access title means bugs and incomplete features.  Still, if you love third person tower defense games, or simply want to try such a game, the Dungeon Defenders II early access is worth checking out.  Give it a look!



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