Izle Alpha Registration

Izle Alpha RegistrationJust by sheer chance I was watching the DBB Twitter feed this morning when a Tweet shot by regarding the Izle alpha registration that I gather has been live for about a month now.  So, of course, I starting clicking on the links to find out what exactly Izle is all about.

And I am glad I did because Izle from Area Effect looks to be quite intriguing.  To take a direct quote from the Izle website, “Izle is a 3D procedural action-adventure RPG where you go on a quest to rebuild the last world of light using terraforming powers.”  Essentially, if what I am reading and understanding is correct, you progress in Izle by helping to create a number of floating islands in the sky, and every time an island is created you are then tasked by the gods within the game to complete some associated quest on that island.  From the gameplay video it is clear that Izle also allows (and perhaps requires) a hefty amount of exploring, harvesting, crafting, and building.  All of this use nothing but procedural generation and a really visually appealing artistic style.  Check out the Izle alpha gameplay trailer for more information.

Now, it is important to mention that there are two things you should sign up for.  The first is the aforementioned Izle alpha registration, but in addition to that there is also the Izle Ambassador program.  By helping to spread the word about Izle you can collect points that will net your additional in-game rewards such as these.  So get on over there and sign up to test out the Izle alpha.  Check it out!



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