Adventure Box Kickstarter and Demo

Adventure Box Kickstarter and DemoAlmost exactly a month ago we told you about Adventure Box and the alpha registrations for that game.  Since then, the Adventure Box Kickstarter has also launched and is currently seeking support from the gaming community, and there is even an engine preview demo for you to check out.

I went into a lot of detail about Adventure Box last time we reported on it and so I won’t belabour this post with equivalent ramblings.  Essentially, Adventure Box provides you with a Minecraft-esque gameworld and a slew of creation and editing tools in order for you to build your own RPG adventure games.  Everything from story, quests, NPCs, monsters, and the world is all there for you to build and tinker with in this voxel-based game.  Once your adventure is assembled, you can share it online for others to try, and you can try theirs. Of course, if you aren’t into building your own empires and games, you can simply enjoy the procedurally generated RPG world that comes with Adventure Box so there will still be plenty to do.  And all of this is done using HTML 5 so you can log in from any browser (including tablets) to enjoy the game!

As with all game Kickstarters, pledging for different tiers will net you different bonuses.   Around here, the big important bonus is testing access, and I am happy to report that pretty much every tier except the first will grant you some kind of testing access.  Huzzah!  Also important to note is that you can try out the game’s engine preview in order to sort-of try-before-you-buy, but please do bear in mind that this prototype demo in no way reflects the final game.

So, if you are interested in jumping in and helping to support a very slick looking creation RPG game that will allow you to build your own complete adventures then the Adventure Box Kickstarter is worth checking out.  I should also mention that you can still sign up for the weekly alpha test sessions simply by entering your email over at the Adventure Box site (look for the “Labs Signup” section).  Check it out!



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