Obra Dinn Development Demo

Obra Dinn Development DemoSo Lucas Pope, the man behind the rather popular Papers, Please has released playable development demo of his new game The Return of the Obra Dinn.  If you want to check it out you can grab the Obra Dinn development demo and give it a whirl.

The Return of the Obra Dinna is a first person game in which you must explore the Obra Dinn, a merchant ship that mysteriously disappeared at sea and that has now drifted back into port.  One of the very interesting things about the game is the artistic style.  In order to pay homage to the games he used to play years ago on old Mac computers, Lucas has decided to use 1-bit rendering for the game.  The effect is rather dramatic.  You can read about the premise of the game here, although there isn’t much to go on because from what I gather Lucas is trying to keep story as something of a surprise.

This playbable Obra Dinn development demo is only the first 15  minutes of the game but should be enough to give you an idea of what Lucas is going for.  He did warn everyone that it is very rough and unoptimized right now, so keep that in mind.  Still, if you want to try it, you can head over to the download site to grab the demo and read over the gameplay instructions.  Enjoy!




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