Celestial Tear Kickstarter and Demo

Celestial Tear KickstarterA couple of days ago Whitney White, the wife part of the husband and wife team behind White Guardian Studios, emailed DBB to tell us about their Celestial Tear Kickstarter and see if we could help spread the word.  As most of you know, our motto is “ask and ye shall receive” so here we go!  Oh, and there is a demo available as well for everyone to try out before they pledge.

Celestial Tear: Demon’s Revenge is a throw back to the old JRPGs of the earlier 16-bit console era that were so well loved.  Like many other JRPGs, Celestial Tear revolves around humans living on a completely different world with a completely different set of rules, which allows for a lot of freedom in terms of the setting and the game world you will be able to explore.  Much of the story sections appear to be told via motion comic sections while the main gameplay takes place from the front-angled view that is also common with the older JRPGs (players of the older Final Fantasy games will be very at home with this).  Combat uses a conditional turn-based system, which you can read more about on the Celestial Tear Kickstarter page, is designed to allow for more strategic decision making.  Besides combat there will plenty of other RPG elements to work on, such as building up your party memebers, crafting, and exploring the world for secrets.  Watch the gameplay video to get a better idea about the game.

From what I gather, the entire story of Celestial Tear will be told over multiple chapters released over time, and this Kickstarter is for the first chapter only.  The upshot of this is that the overall Kickstarter goal can be kept quite low, in this case only $4500 (and they are already half way there as I write this).  A couple of other things to note about the Celestial Tear Kickstarter is that it does have testing access and it does have a demo to try, both of which we love to see.  The demo is a technical demo and it simply meant to give everyone a taste of how the game will work but doesn’t represent the final product.  Still, if you like what you see be sure to pledge for the game, and keep in mind that the testing access begins at the $50 tier.  Oh, and be sure to vote for the game on Steam Greenlight.  Check it out!



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