Adventure Box Alpha Test

Adventure Box Alpha TestOne of the downsides of trying to use Twitter to watch for news from game developers is that it is becomes easy to miss important announcements in the constant stream of Tweets flying by.  Case in point was us missing the announcement awhile back from the Adventure Box crew regarding the Adventure Box alpha.  Thankfully, we DID happen to notice a follow up announcement yesterday, and so I am happy to share the news regarding this new game testing opportunity!

Adventure Box is a voxel-based RPG creation game that is run online entirely from your browser.  And when I say “RPG creation” I don’t actually mean that you can create your own worlds like in Minecraft or Trove.  You can still do that, but what I really mean is that Adventure Box is literally about creating RPG adventures.  You will be able to create your own game world, populate it with NPCs and monsters, write your own story and quests, and so on.  Adventure Box will include a lot of pre-made set pieces for you to use, or you can freely design your own buildings, monsters, and likewise.  It sounds very intricate!

There are a couple of multiplayer aspects to Adventure Box, some of which have yet to implemented into the alpha test.  First, you will be able to freely share your adventures with other players online so that they can explore your creations, and likewise you will be able to play through the creations of other players.  Additionally, although this is not yet implemented, players will be able to join each other in playing through the adventures in co-op.  Since everything is run via central game servers and your browser, all of this is made very easy without needing to install anything locally!

New episodes will be released by the Adventure Box devs on a regular basis.  Each new episode will expand the available worlds and content available to players to explore and use in their creations.  These episodes will also allow players to level up further.  This should keep the overall experience fresh and growing over time.  So no matter if you decide to play Adventure Box as a maker or a player, there will be lots for you to do and try.

As I mentioned, the Adventure Box alpha is currently running and it is sort of an open alpha.  What I mean is that while it is available for everyone to get involved, there is a registration and waiting period involved.  All you have to do is head over and sign up for the alpha test, and then wait for the devs to send you the login information (they said this could take up to a week or so to complete, so please be patient).  Still, from what I can see, if you are into world creation games and want to take it a step further then it should be worth the wait to gain access to the Adventure Box alpha.  So sign up and enjoy the testing!



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