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Dicetiny KickstarterI for one really love games that don’t take themselves too seriously and inject a bit of humour into the gameplay by gently poking fun at themselves and pop culture.  Dicetiny strikes me as being one of those games, and if you are interested in such a game that is trying to combine humour with a fantasy RPG setting, board gameplay mechanics, and online card games then you should really check out the Dicetiny Kickstarter that recently went live.

To be honest I didn’t hadn’t heard about Dicetiny until Mike Lee from Fakedice emailed us here at DBB to tell us about the game and the Kickstarter.  I am glad he did because, as online video board games go, Dicetiny looks to be rather wonderful and I can see why it is one of the Kickstarter staff picks.  Gameplay looks accessible and fun, either for single player or some online co-op action.  You choose one of four characters and then one of four classes, and from there you role the die and take your chances as you move around the virtual game board.  However, it doesn’t all come down to luck because each player also has a deck of cards that they can use during the game.  As a bonus, you can collect cards by playing the game and then use these cards to build your own decks for future games.  If you love collectible card games then Dicetiny will have you covered!

There are a number of very cool features included in Dicetiny, so read over the Dicetiny Kickstarter page to get an idea of everything that is crammed into this slick looking game.  And when I say slick looking I really do mean that.  I love the stylish artistic style they are going for. Also, as I already mentioned, there is a lot of humour being injected into Dicetiny, mostly in the form of parody.  The Lord of the Rings is the big target but there are other pop-culture parodies as well, many of which are obvious as you read over the Dicetiny Kickstarter page.

The all important testing access is available starting at the second pledge tier of $20, so if you pledge at any level other than the first you will get beta access to the game down the road.  Always nice to see that!  So, are you looking for a lighthearted and yet engaging online board and card game?  If so, give the Dicetiny Kickstarter a look and consider supporting it.  Check it out!



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