Games of Glory Alpha Key Giveaway

Games of Glory Alpha Key GiveawayRecently the Games of Glory alpha test began its transition from a friends and family alpha into a full blown alpha with a global group of testers.  Lightbulb Crew were giving some keys away directly, but that giveaway expired yesterday.  However, if you didn’t get a key, fear not!  Lightbulb Crew were kind enough to set aside some alpha keys for our readers.  This giveaway will expire on October 31st so grab one while you can!

If you don’t know much about Games of Glory, I suggest you read over our in-depth hands-on with an earlier alpha build of the game.  In a nut shell, Games of Glory combines elements from MOBAs with some elements more typically found in ARPGs and top down shooters.  The result is a hybrid PvP game that is both familiar and yet unique.  There is still a long way to go in the Games of Glory development, and having more alpha testers will really help.

In addition, this phase of the alpha test is meant to increase the North American player base so that we can start using the US servers and not have to worry about the ping to the EU servers (although it isn’t all that bad and I have generally had some decent matches).  In any case, no matter where you live, if you are interested in helping to test out Games of Glory then grab a key and get into the game!  The complete installation instructions will accompany the key.  Enjoy!



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