Stormthrone Alpha Registration

Stormthrone Alpha RegistrationPerhaps it is unfair of me to say this, but sometimes it seems that R2Games cranks out a new game to test every week or so to the point where we here at DBB lost track of them.  In any case, it isn’t really for me to judge, and so I figured I would tell you about their latest game in the pipeline, Stormthrone: Aeos Rising (I happened to see a post about it over at Massively).  Also the Stormthrone alpha registration is open for business.

The Stormethrone teaser site tells me almost nothing about the game, other than a story that has something to do with a world called Aeos (actually I am not even sure that is accurate), and bunch of gods that appear pissed off, and something about you being able to set it all straight.  In fact, most of the relevant information about Stormthrone can be found within the tiny blurb on the game’s Twitter feed:

“Stormthrone is an epic free-to-play browser experience in the tradition of MMORPG classics. Wield the Aeon Weapons against the demon hordes!”

You now know everything that I do about Stormthrone, and that isn’t much.  If that is enough to sway you to try the game then get your emailed entered in for the Stormthrone alpha registration.  Check it out!


Stormthrone Alpha Registration


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